Tapas and ice cream in downtown Durham


Preggo photo at the Parlour

Last Saturday night I finally went to downtown Durham with a girlfriend who I haven’t seen since November. I arrived at the restaurant, Mateo bar de tapas, by myself a few minutes early and realized that I had not been out in public without my family in such a long time! It definitely felt weird at first, but my friend arrived soon after and for some reason that really comforted me.

I had heard a lot about Mateo bar de tapas and the food definitely did not disappoint! Mateo was featured in the NY Times so of course I had to go! The Queso Frito Y Huevo (farm egg, crispy manchego, charred asparagus, romesco) was my friend’s favorite and I have to agree, it is one of the best eggs you’ll ever have in your life! After dinner we strolled over to the Parlour ice cream shop, which I had not been to since I was pregnant. We both taste-tested the sweet corn blueberry swirl but opted for salted caramel; I ate mine slowly to savor every bite.

To sum up, a perfect date night with your partner or girl’s night out would be driving 20 min from Chapel Hill to Durham to explore the city’s flavors. I know what you’re saying– but it’s 20 minutes away! Take a deep breath, put on earrings and high-waisted jeans, draw up all the tension you have for a moment, release it, and have a nice night out, girl!


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