Bye Bye, Baby

Nature trail

I wish I could slow down the rate of my baby’s growth, but that would be like preventing a snake from shedding its skin. (Lucas was actually born in the year of the snake!).

Yesterday when I dropped off Lucas at daycare he didn’t cry. I put him in his chair at the table for breakfast, gave him a kiss, and slowly walked away. He looked worried but didn’t cry. I can’t believe he’s a big boy now.

I don’t know where to begin. Lucas loves Thomas the Tank Engine, tests our boundaries, and loves pizza like every other kid, but he also has his own individual personality that screams LUCAS. He LOVES dancing. I was watching a ballet documentary two nights ago and he tried to imitate the arms of the dancers! He likes broccoli, believe it. He loves bird-watching and already relishes in insect and bug hunting. He’s imaginative. He held a pool noodle in his hands and wielded it like a pole vaulter and yelled at the top of his lungs with a smile from ear to ear. And he LOVES his “Dada.” He sorts things and at daycare one day, he removed all the marshmallows from his plate and put them on his friend’s plate.

Some of his favorite books are “Goodnight Gorilla,” “Toot & Puddle,” “Giraffes Can’t Dance” and strangely, “The Gruffalo.” Before that it was “Little Owl Lost” or “Barnyard Dance.” And the one word that melts my heart every day when I pick him up from daycare is “home.” When I picked him up the first few times, I said, “Let’s go home now.” Now he says it every time he sees me when I pick him up, without fail. This morning as I held his right hand and walked him down the hallway, he reached for his father’s and said “hand.”

I could go on and on. I walked through the baby store, Buy Buy Baby, yesterday for the first time in perhaps half a year, and one of the first racks I passed had the onesies on them. Lucas doesn’t need those anymore, and I don’t need to buy baby items anymore. Lucas will turn two before I know it. As we say “bye bye” to our baby, and as we see more glimpses of “terrible” two, I don’t want to ever forget these moments of growth, joy, and babyhood.


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