Trip to Little Italy (not little trip to Italy)

Is pizza really pizza outside of New York? At the beginning of summer we attended a wedding in downtown Philly and stayed in a B&B close to Little Italy, which I didn’t even know existed! Since my husband’s father is Italian, of course he knew where the best place was to get pizza and prosciutto. I recommend heading to Little Italy Pizza, which is actually a few blocks from the Little Italy area, and there’s apparently another location on South Street!

If you’re in the Triangle looking for some tasty pizza (all moms know this is a food staple), here are a few recommendations:

Pizzeria Toro in downtown Durham (pricey, date night, girl’s night out). Kale salad is also good.

Mellow Mushroom in Chapel Hill and Durham (family-friendly, fun ambiance)

Italian Pizzeria II (IP3) in Chapel Hill has been around since 1980 is the #1 student hangout to eat pizza and watch a UNC game. The owners are Italian and much like my husband’s relatives, can be heard talking from across the room! My husband’s review is that the pizza sauce tastes similar to the NY pizza he ate growing up.

Carrboro Pizza Oven in Carrboro (local pizza joint, family-friendly)

Randy’s Pizza in Durham boasts of serving the best NY thin crust style pizza in the area!

Just wanted to add one final reading bite by food stylist Suzanne Lenzer in defense of “good” pizza for your kids here.


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