We Shouldn’t Stop at 30

Bloody Shame

We shouldn’t stop celebrating our birthdays when we turn 30, nor should we forget the different time capsules that have already been buried in our 20-nothings and early 30-somethings. I barely remember turning 30, or 31 for that matter, and I just turned 32 on Sunday.

I started my blog right before I turned 27 but couldn’t keep up with it. After turning 27, I quickly went from spending hours watching crime series in my parents’ home in NJ to working in a fast-paced job in DC, so I had little time to write. Now life is a little more balanced and although I cannot summarize five years in one sitting, I will share some life-changing moments.

2011- A few weeks after my birthday I married my husband on August 27th. We married on the same day Hurricane Irene hit the Jersey shore, a few miles short of our wedding venue. When the church doors opened I gasped to see the church pews full of guests who had managed to make it to our wedding. It was a blessing to have all our friends and family witness this special day, our nervous exchange of vows, our first kiss, our first tears. I had a sip of champagne before our first dance and ended up bawling in the arms of my husband. While I blame the champagne for the tears, my true thoughts were that after so many trials, Paul and I were finally married!

2012- Paul and I moved to North Carolina before I turned 29. Within a few months of our move, I fortunately landed a terrific job as a staff assistant at Duke University. I loved working in a less stressful position and had a wonderful, supportive boss.

2013-This was the year I gave birth to Lucas Vincent, my baby boy!

Amy Allen photo of Lucas Mom holding LucasLucas datedLucas Newborn

Photos (except for hospital one) by Amy Allen Photography

2014- I went on a short trip to China in July for my job! In one of my very old blog posts, I vowed to return to Asia.

2015- I started taking a better look at how I want to live my life for myself, my husband, and my child. This blog is helping me with this process.

More birthday pics to follow!


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