Peachy Summer Menu Ideas


Prepping South Carolina peaches for cobbler

It’s peach season in the south! Fortunately I had an introduction to the south early on in my childhood, so moving to North Carolina wasn’t my first time to experience the culinary charms of the south. For a few summers growing up, my parents would drive my brother and me to visit our relatives in Williamsburg, Virginia. One southern dessert they introduced us to was peach cobbler, the southern counterpart to the northern apple pie, and I became hooked! After spending a day in the Virginia heat, nothing’s better than enjoying a generous serving of gooey, buttery, peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream (or whipped cream!).

Here are four easy peach recipe ideas for your summer menu. Ideally you should use ripe peaches.

  1. Peach cobbler. The recipe I use is from Virginia Hospitality which includes peaches, flour, sugar, butter, egg, salt, lemon juice and almond extract.
  2. Peach salsa. Dice a few peaches and put them in your favorite salsa fresca recipe.
  3. Grilled peaches. My brother grills peaches drizzled with honey and serves it to complement steak. When you eat them together it’s like that moment in Ratatouille:


4.   Peach smoothie. I recently tried blending a combination of avocado, banana, soy milk, and peaches. Because my peaches were ripe, I didn’t have to add extra sweetener.


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