Discovery at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences


On Saturday Lucas woke up early and in a good mood, so we finally trekked the whole 40 minutes to Raleigh to explore the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. Once entering the museum, we paid a suggested donation of $1 for a museum guide and asked the rep which exhibits were appropriate for a toddler. He mentioned the Discovery Room, which is a hands-on discovery room (playroom) for little kids. Before reaching the playroom, we looked at artifacts including a whole whale skeleton suspended from the ceiling as well as live creatures such as fish, snakes, and bugs.

The Discovery Room was abundant with things to do! I spotted a costume corner and couldn’t resist putting Lucas in a bumblebee outfit (I often sing a bumblebee song to him). Lucas also enjoyed playing with wooden blocks, natural objects, and stuffed toys. There are too many things to mention here about the ways Lucas has grown. His speech has taken off and he can identify a number of animals. I think what’s key is that the museum allows him to see animals and objects that we talk about in books, TV, and real life, and reinforces these associations. In other words, a museum trip is good for learning and of course, fun!


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