Eat, Pray, Dinosaurs


Lucas continues to thrive and jive at 22 months. Over the past few weeks, he started putting together two-word sentences and phrases such as “mama’s eyeglasses” or commands like “come” or “sit down.” One of my favorite ‘commands’ from Lucas is “pray.” Before or midway through a meal, Lucas will tell his Dad and me to “pray.” He puts the palms of his tiny hands together and we all sing a common prayer that is sung at his daycare. Lucas still enjoys eating rice, pasta, vegetables and soup. At the end of the day sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than watching your child eat. Last night I broke off a piece of corn on the cob and watched him gnaw on it with his teeth. I don’t even remember what he looked like without teeth because he has so many now!

Lucas loves to offer “peace” during Mass. I brought him to the 7 pm student Mass last weekend, worried that I’d be chasing him in the back for the better part of the night. To my surprise, he was pretty relaxed during the service. Lucas loves watching the pianist and other musicians, and I often bring him closer to front in order to see them. The other favorite part of service is offering a sign of “peace.” When he extended his little hand to offer peace to two students, the look on their faces was pure joy! And of course he couldn’t stop there. He turned to the other people surrounding him to share a handshake in peace.

In addition to trains, Lucas is now obsessed with dinosaurs, but this wasn’t always the case. There was a mechanical dinosaur at daycare which he didn’t like at first. His caretaker told me that Lucas marched down the hall chanting “no more dinosaur!” I don’t know what caused the change, but now he loves them! His grandparents took him to the museum a few weeks ago where he saw dinosaur bones, his Nana gave him some dinosaur books, and I recently bought him a set of dinosaur figures from the drugstore. Lucas held a dinosaur figure in each hand and gleefully said “Dinosaur WOW” and “Dinosaur ROAR” as we made our way through the aisles.


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