Postpartum Core Workshop…22 Months Later

half moon

half moon which took years in the making

Last Friday night was the first time I attended a postpartum class at Carrboro Yoga Company and it was incredibly eye opening, especially because I had not taken a pilates class before (I have been doing yoga at least once a week). My instructor, who looks fabulous at 3 months postpartum, taught us how to engage our core abdominal muscles. Other moms in the class were two moms who were 3-4 months postpartum, one mom who had two boys, and one mom who just gave birth to her second child only 1 month ago!

I found out I had been doing a lot of the wrong moves after giving birth. I had no idea you’re not supposed to do crunches! Some of the postpartum core/yoga moves I was familiar with include the ‘chair,’ ‘plank,’ and ‘bridge.’ With all the moves she instructed us to do, she said to tuck in our pelvis, pretend to move our belly button toward the back, and to shift our lower ribs in. Considering I ‘felt’ it in my core the next morning, I’ll be back for a pilates class!


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