In Your Face…Banana Cream Pie


Don’t go bananas while making banana cream pie! I made plenty of mistakes this first time round. To start, I accidentally crisped my crust but it was salvageable. Then, as I was washing the dishes waiting for the milk to bubble, I stirred the pot and quickly realized that the milk was burning at the bottom of the pot. I removed the pot, poured the milk through a sieve to remove the burnt milk, and then returned it to the stove. I googled ‘custard’ and immediately lowered the heat and glued myself to the stove, occasionally whisking the custard for the next 15-20 minutes. Continuing the rest of the recipe instructions was less stressful. Other than the actual cooking method, the pie turned out to be very tasty. I cut the sugar to 2/3 cup and added cinnamon to mask the tiny pieces of burned milk that were left in the custard. If you try making a cream or custard pie, do not try to multitask and focus on making the pie!


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