Smokey’s BBQ near RDU Airport


I’d been sick all of last week and craved something with a little flavor on Saturday. My family and I went to a fantastic kids’ consignment sale (Kids Everywear) and by the time we were shopped out we needed something quick. Yelp pointed us to Bojangles or Smokey’s BBQ and we picked the latter and were not disappointed! First off, kids 5 and under eat for free with the purchase of an adult meal! My husband had the ribs, green beans, and mac n cheese and I had the pulled pork sandwich. My son was happy with the mac n cheese and apple juice box! After finishing our meal, we went to the back of the restaurant to look at the outdoor seating and discovered a medium-sized lawn and picnic area. There’s even a small pond with a fountain, but beware I think there was an eagle that we disturbed near the pond and we saw him fly away!


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