Fall Flavors with Mint and Pumpkin

IMG_6426 2

“Mint” actually refers to the Indian restaurant my husband and I went to for a lunch date and “pumpkin” refers to the flavor of dessert we had afterward. Paul and I were fortunate to schedule a last-minute lunch date this past Saturday afternoon. The last time we had been to an Indian buffet must have been over three years ago in Baltimore! When we stepped into Mint, I noticed that they changed the interior design since our last visit over two years ago. The furniture and color scheme is more vibrant and contemporary, reflecting the hubbub of college-age students that filled the colorful seats. Their buffet, on the other hand, was a single row of food trays. I’d like to go again and see if they vary their dishes. For meat they offered tandoori chicken, saag chicken, tikka masala and a lamb dish, and for vegetarian they had chana masala (chickpeas), a few potato dishes, and a number of salads. Having traveled to India and Bangladesh before, I’d say the flavors were pretty mild and nothing stood out, but we were pleased with our meal and it didn’t cause a big dent in our pockets. After lunch we walked across Franklin Street to Sandwich to see what shakes were on the menu. The pumpkin shake was phenomenal and provided the explosion of flavor that I was craving the whole afternoon! Five dollars is a hefty price for a shake, but in this case it was well worth it!


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